Panelled Conservatory Roofs

Panelled Conservatory Roofs

Xpert advice on affordable, insulated replacement conservatory roof panels

Insulated roof panels are produced by one of Europe’s largest manufacturers that have an enviable reputation for innovation, quality and long-term performance.

Panels are an enhancement to your existing roof and can normally be fitted in a day.


Listen to the difference

This sound recording of heavy rainfall was made by a customer before and after having our insulated panels fitted. It's amazing how effective they are in deadening the sound

Standard polycarbonate roof sheets have a finite life expectancy, somewhere between 10 and 15 years, so when the time comes to improve you now have a few options. 

You could replace like for like but with the increasing desire to save energy at the same time as extending the annual use of the conservatory, upgrading the roof by installing solid insulated conservatory roof panels is a great solution.

The installation of panels not only reduces heat loss it also cuts down on solar gain, helping to break the cycle of having a conservatory that is too hot in the summer and too cold in the winter.

Clear glazing can also be introduced to provide a lighter, more contemporary look.

Panels are lightweight, extremely strong and thermally-efficient.

Depending on the roof panel thickness it is possible to reduce heat loss through the roof by between 50 and 70%

Solar gain due to direct sunlight is also vastly reduced.

Thermo Panels Custom Colours

We also offer a range of coloured Renolit films in addition to the standard white finish.

Replacing old Ultralite 500 roofs

Over the years many properties, mainly bungalows, had Ultralite 500 panels installed to provide a strong roof at very low pitches.
They were perfect for this purpose but extremely inefficient at insulating the space beneath.
The other disadvantage is that these panels do not have a conventional glazing bar making it impossible to install panels.

One of the solutions to overcome this problem is by replacing the whole roof with treated wooden joists and noggins before securing our panels in conjunction with an insulted T&G ceiling.

This dual fit provides excellent insulation and can normally be fitted in a couple of days.



Above is an installation recently installed and this is what our customer had to say...

"The end product is fantastic and totalling transforms our once tired conservatory into a lovely
garden room".

Tom, Sheffield.

Read Tom’s full review on our Testimonials page.

Why Choose Us

  • Made to measure
  • Thicknesses to match existing glazing
  • PVC skins
  • Direct drop-in for existing glass or polycarbonate panels
  • Usually completed same day
  • Cut out solar gain and reduce heat loss through roof by 50-70%
  • Non absorbent

What are the other options?..

Replace or Convert the whole roof.

These are more expensive than panels and may require Building Regulations approval prior to commencement of work.

Nevertheless, we are happy to give advice and regularly work with a couple of specialist firms if this is an option you’d like to consider.

From lightweight tiled to flat replacement roofs, there’s normally a solution available for most people and all installations are covered by 10-year warranties.

Just read John and Diane’s feedback. They first enquired about panels for their conservatory in Horley, but it transpired that a replacement roof  would suit them better so we were able to advise and organise the installation by one of our “partner” companies.

Ceiling Only.

Installing a ceiling only under your existing glazed roof is great if your current roof is good condition and this is a service we offer as a stand alone product or fitted in combination with our panels to provide maximum insulation.

Cath Wilkins, Brighton, East Sussex

Cath Wilkins, Brighton, East Sussex

Work took approximately 4 days to complete a 5m X 4m conservatory. The team were very polite and hard working. The whole finish is excellent and our reason for the work was it was too hot in the Summer. It is now super cool and of course, the heat is not pushed into the bungalow’s bedrooms. All in all, I would strongly recommend and the product that’s being fitting. Also, what we were quoted was the price we paid. Thank you for a really good job.

Marilyn. Liskeard, Cornwall

Marilyn. Liskeard, Cornwall

My disabled son and his disabled partner like to spend most of their time in their conservatory with its good view of the garden. They are delighted with its smart new roof and ceiling, as they no longer have to retreat indoors to escape the deafening noise of rain, or the suffocating heat of a warm day. Vlad and Alex were very professional, as well as friendly, and no mess was left behind - a good job at a competitive price.

David Atwill, Nottinghamshire

David Atwill, Nottinghamshire

Very professional company with excellent workmanship. First class job and will recommend them. Thank you

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Insulated Conservatory Roofs

Some of our providers insulated conservatory roof panels, internal ceilings and tiled conservatory roofs are up to 50% more cost effective than many of their competitors.

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